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Gulf Coast CrocStar Tour 2017


Gulf Coast CrocStar Tour 2017. Left to Right Troy Lillie, Flavio Morrissiey

T-Mike Kleibert, Nathan Sweeting and Luis Caraballo

The Crocstar Tour 2017 Doing the Gulf Coast 5 states

The CrocStar Tour is a specialty tour for the company Crocstar a clothing company that provides a culture of Hardcore Conservation for Hardcore People.

You Name it Tours organizes the CrocStar Tour with expectations of a great time, meeting locals and experts in the animal field. New friends and new information was met on this one of kind trip with a fun bunch of dudes. Troy Lillie co-founder of CrocStar is a unique entrepreneur with vision of networking a world of Croc Stars.

Troy Lille says "Crocstars are the women and men on the front line protecting these incredible animals in their natural habitats and through day-to-day conservation & preservation practices." When talking with Troy, passion spews from his mouth on conservation all the time. It was great to take he and his friends on a Road Trip Adventure CrocStar Tour 2017.

For anyone that wants to come along the next tour is June 16-18, 2017 The Florida Loop Tour and August 9-12, 2017 The Gulf Coast Tour. Contact us for more information. Spaces are limited and we are expecting a great time exploring the CrocStar Culture in Florida.

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