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Plan your 2017-2018 Class Field Trips


Class Field Trip Proposals for your field trip to Washington DC, New York, New Orleans, Boston, Philadelphia, Local field trips on State History, Cultural trips and more...

Mt. Vernon, resting place of George Washington himself is a must see when visiting Washington DC. The Plantation sight is remarkable and gives you a glimpse into the past of Colonial Farming and George Washington's passion of Farming.

The Korean War Memorial is a historic haunt memorializing the men and woman that died for their country. The memorial depicts the Freedom is not Free. Students learn the meaning of the memorial from our veteran instructors as they tread through the scene of the 38th parallel.

St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States and is one of the State historic field trip sights we take our students too. We are knowledgeable in all state histories and can custom design your local field trip in your state history. The Spanish established St. Augustine in 1565.

Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex attracts students from all over the world. The current space programs at Kennedy Space Center offer insight to our future space exploration. Learn about the past programs from orbiting the earth to going to the moon and back. The challenges NASA had to face is present with docents that were there during historic. The orbiter Atlantis and the Space Shuttle Launch Experience are a hands on learning experience for your students. Time your field trip to watch a rocket launch. For more information contact us for a Class Trip Proposal with add-ons in Orlando to create an integrated education program.

You Name it Tours specializes in group travel for all groups from student travel to corporate travel.

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