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Croc Star Tour "South Florida Loop" June 16-18

Troy Lillie on the Left sporting his Crocstar Logo

I had met some of these guys on the past trips and they are full of laughs and fun. They invite anyone along that is willing to join in the shenanigans of a road trip. There is also a serious side, each participates in wildlife conservation through volunteering there time, educating the public and fundraising. Troy Lillie of Crocstar has devoted dollars from sales of his Crocstar Clothing line to Crocodile conservation. When you ask him what this is all about he just says in his exuberant rough voice "Hardcore conservation for hardcore people, man!" with a loud laugh at the end and a pat on your chest. The Crocstar Tour has a guest star traveling with us as well Virgo Peridot. Virgo is an adult film star that has a liking to Reptiles. Troy says he will have special guest attend each Crocstar Tour.

The next Crocstar Tour is coming up on June 16-18 to explore the everglades and visit animal facilities along the way. You Name it Tours is organizing the tours for Crocstar.

Features of the Tour include 7 Wildlife facilities, 2 national parks and one state park. For more information check out the website

Flavio Morrissiey Operations Director for You Name it Tours

Left to Right Luis Caraballo, Nathan Sweeting and Troy Lillie

Everglades River of grass

Flavio Morrissiey says that we will see everything from our infamous Native Crocodiles, Wild Iguanas, Invasive species like the common caiman, maybe a wild Florida Panther and the unique Everglades from all sides. It should be an experience full of lifelong memories. We try to provide a great time with memorable customer service. I have been to the everglades countless times and know the terrain well. My least favorite thing about the Glades are the mosquitoes. We will have fun on this tour. If anyone is in the

area come see us at one of the stops. We have been known to pick up hitch hikers along the way.

Where is the Crocstar Tour going along this Tour you may ask.

Day 1: The Tour Leaves from International Dr. in Orlando, FL and heads south to The Jungle Queen. Fully narrated cruise down the "Venice of America," Fort Lauderdale's New River, sailing through Millionaire's Row with homes of the Rich and Famous, spectacular Mega Yachts, and sights beyond belief. Plus, a visit to our TROPICAL ISLE where you'll see an alligator show, exotic birds, lemurs, monkeys, and more.

Next Stop is the Joe Wasalewki's Iguana Breeding facility. Joe is a world famous Reptile Biologist. Check in to the Hotel and grab a quick dinner and off to Everglades National Park. Exploring Anhinga Trail and Flamingo home to gobs of gators and American Crocodiles. On the way out of the park we will be searching for the invasive lizard species and caiman through out Homestead, FL.

Day 2: The tour starts with a hotel breakfast and heads to Everglades Alligator Farm. They have many cool crocs and animals of the Everglades. The tour transfers to the Miccosukee Indian Village for some of the original culture of the Everglades. Experience the real natives of Florida Everglades. Next is Wootens an old attraction of old Florida which houses American Crocs and other wildlife. Explore Chokoloskee and Turner River Road Big Cypress Panthers, Rattlesnakes and Everglades Wildlife (Photography options). After that long day a good dinner and back out at night for more exploration into Big Cypress National Preserve.

Day 3: Depart Hotel for Corkscrew Swamp for exploring a unique ecosystem of Florida. Off to Gatorama with the largest population of captive American Crocodiles in captivity and meet with the Registers the long time owners of the park. The last stop is Saw Grass Recreation Facility for air boat ride in the everglades and bbq.

Wow, what a packed 3 days of Road trip, wildlife and nature.

For more information and Participation on this Crocstar tour Click it CROCSTAR

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