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Bringing the WORLD to your Classroom

You Name It Tours is dedicated to expanding the student experience outside of classrooms. While the traditional field trip may not always be possible, a new way to enjoy the sights and sounds of major teaching destinations is ready to be taken advantage of.

OuR LIVE Virtual

Many museums, national parks, libraries, and student-friendly places offer free "virtual tours" of their facilities as an alternative to a field trip. Though these stunning videos are very educational, we found ourselves asking how these edited and curated videos were any different from a laid-back "movie day" in class. Seeing a potential void in student engagement, it became apparent to us at You Name It tours that educators needed a new way to stimulate students and apply class studies to real world experience. We see live-streamed and privately guided tours of anywhere in the world as the next best thing to student travel, and in many ways the best solution. Can you ignore these benefits to virtual field trips?  


When you tour with You Name It guides, you have their full attention. Your stream is only available to your students.


You Name It virtual trips are streamed live, and our guides will conduct discussion based learning during the tour to keep the experience engaging.


Not only is there less risk to students without travel and crowds, but in the midst of social distancing we can drastically reduce chances of contracting and spreading viruses.


Our tours are priced for each group or school. Share your tour code for a school-wide experience, or keep your audience small for a more focused experience.


Virtual Field Trips require far less upstart cost, and with customizable sessions you can steer the experience to fit your budget.


We can arrange a tour session to meet any curriculum or teaching style. Supplemental instruction and activities greatly add to the live sessions.


With the rapid acceptance of distance learning and the efforts of schools and businesses everywhere to become conference-call-competent, we know it will be a smooth transition for educators to move not only their classrooms but now their field trips to platforms like Zoom. 

Start by browsing our available scheduled tours, RSVP to an information session, or contact us for something more custom made. We continue to pride ourselves in making the desired experience possible with any resources and budgets available, whether a tour is virtual or in-field.

Decide on a place to tour, the sites your guide will highlight there, and how you want your field trip day to be structured. Your virtual field trip can be a short complement to your own planned curriculum, or we can help build a full day of activities in tandem with the live-streamed tour.

After settling on an itinerary, place, time, and accessory activities, you will receive all supplemental instructions on how to make your virtual field trip accessible to as many or as few participants as you would like.

A virtual administrator will supervise your virtual field trip streamed by your live tour guide to assist with the potential technical errors that live-streamed events are susceptible to. Your virtual administrator may also assist with any supplemental instruction or activities that were added to your itinerary.


You Name It Tours regularly scheduled trips are priced per live streaming session. This price model gives educators the freedom to share their session with as few or as many students (and family of students) as desired. We prioritize the quality of student engagement and experience over quantity whenever possible. See how affordable a You Name It Tours Virtual Field Trip can be.


Custom itineraries will be tailored to suit your needs and that includes your budget.



Available Virtual Tours

These readily curated tours are tried and true crowd-pleasers. If our current schedule and curriculum are not a good fit for your needs, reach out to us for something more suitable for your group!




St. Augustine, FL

Every Friday. 45-60 minutes

Explore iconic sites your students have been studying in state history and social studies. Don't miss the Castillo de San Marcos or Freedom Walk.




Jungle Gardens

Select Weekdays. 45-60 minutes.

Tour a zoological and botanical gardens with a keeper 



hidden exotics.jpg

Hidden Exotics

Select Weekdays. 45-60 minutes.

Meet exotic animals with an expert! Your students will have the opportunity to explore aspects of biology and ecology with live animals. 



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Contact US

Start planning your virtual field trip now, we are always available to answer and questions or explore possibilities. There are no costs with us for curiosity.

Office: 888-257-4099





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